Sunday, July 6, 2014

Under the Skin alien design

So for movie night with friends, we checked out 'Under the Skin', famous for being the Scarlett Johansson nude scenes movie....but turns out it was very reminiscent of 70's sci fi, I got a 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' vibe from it. There are scenes that go on long, possibly to try and give the audience a sense of unease (but in my opinion they aren't uneasy enough). The idea that Scarlett Johansson can lure men back to the alien's home base for alien badness is great, because who wouldn't want to follow her for possible sexy times, only to be digested by the X-Files like black oil floor...I know I would.
Also, try to look up Under the Skin alien designs and you will find that Google is all too helpful in finding the screencaps from Ms. Johansson's nude times in the movie, so for my own peace of mind and for anyone who happened to search for it, here is the awesome alien design work.

The reveal of the alien is great, not as scary as this reveal, but pretty close in the terrifying ideas department.

Also... I can't not post some of the amazeballs sexy stuff from the film...I'm a red blooded male and Ms. Johansson is all woman.

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