Friday, May 30, 2014

A difference that 5 years makes.

I create digital art quickly, call it a form of attention deficit disorder, but by being freed of waiting for actual paint to dry and being able to scrap a piece of art that I don't like rather than digital hoarding has let me be more brutal with my art that I don't like. I rarely keep a piece if I step back, look at it and think "meh".
So, having found this wonky art of Gemma Atkinson from 2009 is a slice of learning history. Getting used to not looking at your hand whilst you paint was one of the hardest things to rewire in my dumb brain.
When I got my first Wacom tablet (The Bamboo version) and a copy of Painter light version 4, I had many thoughts about sketching my art ideas in a book in pencil and then scanning it (like a lot of digital artists do). I ended up just getting used to the Painter program. Then when I could afford it, I upgraded to the Intuos 4 Wacom tablet and spent the money of a proper copy of Painter 12, I haven't been happier and will stop waffling and get onto posting the wonky shit art and the quick update of the sketch I did to compare to the old one.

2009 Version = Wonky, I can tell my lines are not confident, and I was not stepping back from the canvas to look at the whole image (meaning I had not learned the ease of the zoom in and out wheel on the drawing tablet.

2014 = better. Gave myself a one hour deadline to create a less wonky version, I think this looks like Gemma more and I sample the colors of the original photo reference and then instead of keeping them, use the paint mix function in Painter 12 to make them a little more rich by adding either warmer colors or cooler. In this case, a rich orange to give her a bit of a fake tan color and a more healthy glow to those boobs!