Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Was it actually her????

So when I checked Facebook today, I noticed that the link to my blog with pictures of Angela Bettis (that I posted on her official Facebook page) was "liked" by Angela Bettis.
The X Files poster says 'I want to believe' and I do, I want to believe that it was actually her, alright it could have been Angela's personal assistant, about to head out and get an egg mcmuffin for her boss, in a hurry and clicks like before rushing out the door. But let me believe... I NEED TO BELIEVE that it was actually Angela Bettis, looked at the pics, thought 'Mmm that's not bad.. click' and then turned back to her agent demanding some such bullshit gets fixed pronto!

Regardless of who clicked what with their clickey finger, she gets another pic on the blog.


Ages ago whilst driving in South Carolina, I made my friend photograph this mural we saw. For no particular reason, it became something today.
Here's the original photo.
 Here's what the innocent tomato became...

HYPER TOMATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Man from another place

Due to the amount of traffic I have received here just from posting on the wonderful I felt I should graciously do a quick shout out to the wonderful Tumblr.

Also, Michael J Anderson is the best.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LeeLoo Dallas Multipass

She knows it's a MULTIPASS!!

Why yes, I have been watching The Fifth Element on Blu Ray recently why do you ask?

Mr Zorg's office

 The fashion model Sibyl Buck as Zorg's secretary. She has a cool look, even when not in a Sci Fi movie.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Twin Peaks MEANWHILE....

One of the most terrifying moments on TV back in the 90's. Special Agent Dale Cooper, lost in the Black Lodge comes across a girl who looks like Laura Palmer, could be Madison Ferguson her cousin, or is an apparition of terror (maybe that's just me). Anywhoo, before you can shout "Run Dale!" at the TV, she screams backwards (yet forwards) and a strobe light goes off and you crap yourself.
This scene has stayed with me since I saw it.
I salute Sheryl Lee for scaring the pants off of me.

Here's a bonus Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Oh, the reason Twin Peaks is on my mind, is that I was doing some web browsing, and came across the fantastic Tumblr site. It is DAMN FINE.
twin peaks captioned

Friday, February 8, 2013

Love Zishy

Fan of pretty ladies? Want a more refined gentleman's (Or women, I ain't judging) site where you can appreciate lovely ladies in a series of saucy photos but not too saucy. Visit's fantastic.

Real Girl Mischief

I actually contacted the founder of Zishy and asked if it would be okay to use some of the fabulous ladies on his site as reference for my boyish sketches...and he replied and said OKAY! So here is my first Zishy inspired sketch of the delightful Eva. Enjoy and go visit Zishy.