Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eve with talking snake

The last time they banged on my door and entered into a conversation with me, The Jehova's Witnesses tried to explain to me why none of the art or photography in their publication 'The Watchtower' has any signatures. There seemed to be no attribution allowed, and they confirmed just that, being an artist I found this way of thinking really really unfair, even if the artist volunteered their time for the illustration, they should at least get to sign their art. What the fuck would 'god' care?
Case in point, here is, what I think is a good piece of art, but I will never be able to find out who did it because the Jehova's don't think that's right....what a load of old bollocks!

Mystery artist, while I don't agree with your religious beliefs, your art is good and I salute you and have doodled my own versions of your work for fun times.