Monday, April 29, 2013

Deer Woman II

Love the Masters of Horror episode "Deer Woman" directed by John Landis and starring the very funny Brian Benben. The stand out for me is the very beautiful Cinthia Moura as The Deer Woman, her mute performance steals the show (also, her hoof feet are funny).

Anyway the next few posts on the blog will be some ideas for a Deer Woman 2 that I farted out for my own amusement. Also some old sketches I did of the original Deer Woman.

The reference for this is too caucasian, I need to research Native Americans more.

Here is an old sketch of the lovely Cinthia Moura

And here is a version of her I colored to look undead and used on my zombie blog ages ago, have tweaked it and it still works, her eyes do go yellow in the original Deer Woman, right before Brian Benben hits her with a car (which does nothing to her because she is an un-killable spirit).

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