Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Was it actually her????

So when I checked Facebook today, I noticed that the link to my blog with pictures of Angela Bettis (that I posted on her official Facebook page) was "liked" by Angela Bettis.
The X Files poster says 'I want to believe' and I do, I want to believe that it was actually her, alright it could have been Angela's personal assistant, about to head out and get an egg mcmuffin for her boss, in a hurry and clicks like before rushing out the door. But let me believe... I NEED TO BELIEVE that it was actually Angela Bettis, looked at the pics, thought 'Mmm that's not bad.. click' and then turned back to her agent demanding some such bullshit gets fixed pronto!

Regardless of who clicked what with their clickey finger, she gets another pic on the blog.

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