Saturday, February 16, 2013

Twin Peaks MEANWHILE....

One of the most terrifying moments on TV back in the 90's. Special Agent Dale Cooper, lost in the Black Lodge comes across a girl who looks like Laura Palmer, could be Madison Ferguson her cousin, or is an apparition of terror (maybe that's just me). Anywhoo, before you can shout "Run Dale!" at the TV, she screams backwards (yet forwards) and a strobe light goes off and you crap yourself.
This scene has stayed with me since I saw it.
I salute Sheryl Lee for scaring the pants off of me.

Here's a bonus Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Oh, the reason Twin Peaks is on my mind, is that I was doing some web browsing, and came across the fantastic Tumblr site. It is DAMN FINE.
twin peaks captioned

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