Monday, August 6, 2012

Total Recall remake was missing something...

...and that something ladies and gentlemen was Debbie Lee Carrington. On IMDB her character is called 'Thumbelina' but if you listen closely, her name is actually Holly in the movie. Frankly Holly kicks ass. She is sadly missed in the 2012 remake.
Here's a couple of Total Recall sketches that I did in honor of the old say it with me,
 How long are you staying on Mars? Twoooo weeeks....

Something did stand out in the remake...Jessica Biel sure is purty.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Art work I did in July

So I noticed I didn't post any art here on the blog for a month...and then remembered I had done some art to share. A mural for friends that are expecting their first baby, I painted some murals in the babies room, my friend and father to be Dave helped me finish off some of the more problematic designs.

 Father to be Dave helps with the very problematic Da Vinci design for the Spiral-o-copter that would never fly.

Cool, Mystery Science Theater stuff,83328/?moviesign

This project gets ever closer to completion, have already received my Torgo T-Shirt and Manos pin...wicked cool.